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Check out divorcing adults.com. Store divorcing adults.com on your favorite podcasting platform on YouTube and rumble. Follow on Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok. This podcast video is going to be about the Gabby Potato story featured on Lifetime Movie Network. It premiered October 08:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, and it was approximately 90 minutes long. It was featured during the week long stop violence against women, domestic abuse, domestic violence, interpersonal violence awareness Week. Those were the issues that we're being focused on and promoted during this specific film. So the film definitely isn't as comprehensive as it would need to be in order to cover every single detail of what happened, even publicly. I watched it unfold publicly very, very closely because I was really fascinated by the details from the very beginning when it was announced that this woman was missing and everything that unfolded all the way to the end when it was found that Brian Laundry was also dead, as well as Gabby. So as far as the film is concerned, it really focused on kind of a quick overview. I felt like evidently there was controversy around this film and it wasn't specified as to whether or not anyone that was directly involved in this situation contributed to the film. Behind the scenes, however, it definitely appeared that information that was publicly released, such as the police video from Gabby and Brian being pulled over during the domestic dispute that was reported to the police, that was clearly utilized to inspire a portion of the film and its timeline, as well as other events that seem to have been publicly reported on in some capacity or imagery. So as far as domestic abuse and domestic violence, interpersonal violence, the specifics that were outlined in the movie that I was able to pick up on, some were subtle, some were overt. I mean, obviously there was some physical violence in the scenes episode, the film itself, so that's very clear violence, domestic violence. But there are other more subtle things that were depicted in the film and alleged to have happened. And of course, I'm sure this is very much like inspirational art. You know, I don't think that they're trying to say that every single thing happened, but this is just kind of what they piece together of what they think may have happened, most likely inspired by a true story like so many Lifetime movies are. So some of the things they portrayed on the film were the person who plays Brian Laundry denying, minimizing, blaming. There was an incident that was portrayed where the actor plays Brian Laundry, takes Gabby's, license her ID away from her without her knowledge, so that when she goes out to this bar or club with her friend Rose, she's unable to get into it. And so that's an example on the power control wheel where the person would be trying to isolate the person from a friend, their support network. Again. This is alleged but I do remember Rose being featured heavily in the media at one point time and talking about Gabby Potato. Her friend. And her relationship with Brian and things that she alleged happen. Such as Gabby Potato tried to go to her residence and stay the night with her to get a break from Brian in the arguments that she was having with him. Allegedly. So other things that were depicted in the film were these episodes of fits of anger, rage, outburst from Brian Laundry towards Gabby Patito. Gabby Patito, the actress that plays her acting afraid and scared by these outbursts. It's alluded to that he's on some kind of medication, kind of explicitly said at one point different points in the film it's mentioned. And I thought that there would be a lot more about kind of overt things than what there actually were. It was very quick. The 90 minutes kind of went really quick because it kind of begins with how they supposedly met based upon how they depicted in the film. And then it goes along to kind of introduce the characters and shows a happy relationship in the beginning, which many abusive relationships are very happy in the beginning and do have very many happy moments, otherwise people wouldn't stay to begin with or get into them. And then over time, it shows kind of this progression of events, of things not being so happy and where the character that's portrayed as Brian Laundry becoming more possessive, very jealous, accusatory about her intentions when she's with other people or might be around other people, trying to prevent her from being more independent, getting another job and making more of her own money. And really one thing that was very pronounced in the film was when they were Gabby Potato and Brian Laundry. The actors that are playing them in the film on the Lifetime movie are going on their journey on a road trip that the Lifetime movie film makers basically made it to. Thora Birch, by the way, directed this. And so it was made to appear that Brian was very jealous and very negative about Gabby's online presence of trying to have a blog. Trying to do pictures. Trying to do video. And making negative commentary. And being very discouraging throughout. As well as at times flipping the script and being very encouraging after an argument to try to win back favor with her. Of course, this is all speculative and alleged based upon just being inspired by kind of these events that were publicly aired about her being missing and about the relationship. Ultimately, to the best of my knowledge, no one will ever truly know what happened on that road trip during that time that they were together, when it wasn't being filmed by the police or by a public camera somewhere, or maybe a witness or witnesses seeing something. There's going to be moments in time when they were in that van when they're in wherever they were at Forest Wilderness whatnot? Where those moments can only be speculative and imagined. And that's what I think most of this film is really based upon. And I don't think that this is the last film that's going to be made about the situation. I think that there's going to be more to come about this, that's for sure. But I have done another video, videos about domestic abuse, domestic violence, power control, wheel as well as stereotypes. And I utilize love after walk up. Actually to talk about the reality TV show domestic violence stereotypes. So if you're interested in this topic of domestic abuse, domestic violence, interpersonal violence, you might want to check out those videos. If you watch the Gabby Lifetime movie, let me know what you thought of it. Drop a comment, leave a voice message for the podcast if you listen to it. Keep in mind all comments are public. I wish you all the best. Bye. Check out divorcing adults.com. Store divorcing adults.com on your favorite podcasting platform on YouTube and rumble. Follow on Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok.