September 19, 2022
Season 17, Episode 2 | Kody & Christine Brown "Spiritual Divorce"

The never ending saga of "SisterWives" Reality TV show continues onward in "Season 17" as the dissolution of Kody & Christine Brown's "Spiritual Marriage" is filmed for the entire world to see.

Kody & Christine Brown "Spiritual Divorce"  


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"Narcissists" | Divorce | Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) | Mental Health Stigma



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Hi. My name is Vanessa. Today's podcast video are going to be about season 17, that's right. Of Sister Wise episode two, the season I did not think I would be watching because who would think that they would want to watch season 17 of Sister Lives? Surely not me. But here I am watching it intently and reporting on it and talking all about the spiritual divorce, quote unquote, of Christine and Cody Brown, which this season is proving to be for me the best season, I guess you could say, of a bad season since season one because I feel like it is the most authentic season that we have seen since season one. But now it's coming out in season 17, that in season one the things that we thought we were seeing weren't actually real and they're kind of not quite accurate. For example, Christine Brown has revealed that she was working at third trimester, it looks like, in her pregnancy after already working in a home all day long. Homeschooling and cooking and cleaning and doing all the things was then leaving the home, I guess after the camera crews left to go work some more. And so I really am curious at what point she was sleeping when all this was taking place. Because on season one of Sister Wives, it showed her getting up, I think at 05:30 a.m. In the morning before the sun is even coming up and she's like ironing Cody's Brown's shirts for work and doing all this housework and house chores and making Cody Brown like the whole family breakfast basically from what I could tell. Janelle's son. Hunt? No, not Hunter. Different son. Logan. He was making breakfast for Janelle's kids, but Christine Brown was making breakfast for a whole bunch of kids. And Cody Brown, from what I saw shown in season one. And she was going to work at night, so I just don't know when she was sleeping exactly, which sleep is important for any human to include a pregnant woman. All right? So that is just honestly blowing my mind. And so baffling and bewildering to me and who knows how much more about this family that we think we know that we don't know. That's the reality of reality television, it's not that real. So I'm going to go over some Cody Brown quotes today that are really sticking in my head and then I guess I'll get into more about the segment itself and their spiritual divorce. So Cody Brown quotes the refusal in my own head for wanting to take any accountability. I think that's a struggle for a lot of people going through breakups and going through divorces and going through a lot of other things in life too. Here are some quotes, more quotes from Cody Brown I once apologized for being so angry. I'm sorry that I was so angry. I've had to do a lot of introspection. All right, introspection. So Christine Brown seemed to be really happy and moved when he said those things to her. I think these were the nicest statements he made the entire season, because the rest of it was really rough. There was a lot of disparaging remarks about his own children, which I'll get to in a minute, and a lot of just complaining. All right, here we go with the complaining. Cody Brown quote. She made this decision without me, without checking with me. There was no fair representation of Cody in this relationship. So in the last series of quotes I just gave you, cody talks about the situation as if there should have been a lawyer present for Christine in him to be able to break up with him at the end of their relationship. Like, he should have had his own lawyer representation. But I find this comical amusing because of the fact that for 17 seasons of the show, christine Brown's been publicly in front of a global audience expressing her problems in her relationship and to Cody directly. But it clearly didn't make enough of a difference to change the relationship in any way that she wanted to participate in for the rest of her life. And ultimately, who can really blame her? But they're not even legally married. They're in a spiritual marriage, which I covered in my last kind of topic about this was episode one. So there's no need for any lawyers unless they want to fight over custody or over a joint property like Coyote Pass that they make. Hoowner. Whatnot I mean, it's just like, she can break up. Like, she can just leave. And another interesting part about that, too, is that she was saying they were both saying something about how do you know when it's over or something? When is it officially, like, over divorced, all that. It's like, well, it's over whenever you say it's over because you weren't legally married. So you can just leave. You can just leave. Basically, yes, they have, at that point, one minor child in the home still, that she's raising. But ultimately, aside from that, when it comes to just their relationship, it can just be over. Like, they don't have to file any paperwork or bicker with anyone. It's over. It can just be over. And so it seems like they're having some difficulty kind of wrapping their minds around that. Maybe it's because it's a 25 year relationship and that would be hard to end regardless. So anyone who's watched all 17 seasons can see there is clearly a dysfunctional situation to be in with this family, with this relationship with Christine Cody Brown, but also with this relationship with Cody Brown and other spouses, specifically Mary Brown, but increasingly also with his other wives, like Robin Brown and with Janelle Brown. It seems like Janelle and Robin are really committed still to trying to make their spiritual marriages work with him. And by the way, Robin is legally married to him, so it's not just spiritual marriage anyways. But regardless, it doesn't seem to be going well. Cody doesn't have to worry about being made to look like a bad person because he's basically done that for himself through all of his behavior on this show, especially this season, but also in more recent seasons. He was stating that I don't want her, meaning Christine, going around the country saying that I'm a bad person. Well, she really doesn't have to. He literally went around the globe on this reality TV show and made himself look horrible. I mean, the reputational damage is so severe at this point for Cody Brown. I don't think he's ever going to recover because he's become this caricature of a person that women in particular on the Internet love to rants about, essentially. And Cody further goes on to disputed one of his children using the term narcissistic, which I've done a couple of videos now about this one I filmed about a year ago and I've since reposted it on this channel. And I will also be posting little clips of it on TikTok and Twitter and LinkedIn and YouTube as well. So you can check that out if you like. Little videos, short videos. But narcissistic, it is a term that is over utilized. And I have covered I did a whole video on this topic, a whole video, because it is such a problem, the name calling and the mental health stigma and disparaging someone that a person doesn't like anymore to include especially even their own family members, which is the case here. And he used the term narcissistic when describing a private conversation with this child that he had. And I'm not quite sure if the child is a full grown adult, yeah, like above the age of 18, or if the child is a young adult, like high teens, like maybe 1617, not quite sure. Now, I think all of these children that I'm referring to are adults with Jenelle Brown because her children were already older, many of them grown out of the house, in the military, in some cases in school, married in different states, doing all the things. So I think that the child that we're referring to now actually is an adult at this point after filming the show, because this was filmed a couple of years ago. So this is so inappropriate. Cody Brown referring to one of his children as narcissistic or any family member for that matter, or anyone for that matter, on so many different levels. Like I said, stigmatizing, real life mental health issues. It's, you know, devolving in the name calling instead of addressing the real fundamental issues that exist within the family unit, which I'm sure there are plenty to address there. And then implying that his own child is mental health issue, which is exactly what that does when you say that about someone especially publicly on a reality TV show, just sad. And it doesn't need to be talked about publicly if there is an issue and he's not qualified as a licensed mental health provider, to the best of my knowledge, even provide comments like that about someone else's mental health. It's just highly inappropriate. So I will link to the video where I talk about narcissistic that word being overused and specifically narcissistic for sinners or NPD. I will link to that video if you're on a platform with the description so that you can refer to that

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Christine, as usual, as being graceful, as being I would call it abnormally calm. I would not expect anyone to be this calm in these circumstances. I mean, she's in a highly upsetting situation and it's just amazing to me how calm she is. Regardless, she's being very calm. We see her in this episode getting one of her older children, young adult children, ready to basically leave her home and go stay with an extended relative, a half sister basically in North Carolina, and so that she can live there, have family support and go to the local college there and move on and progress with her life, which is awesome. In the meantime, Christine Brown is getting ready to with Cody Brown to tell her soon to be ex sister wives that she will no longer be officially a part of the family as Cody Brown's wife and as her sister wife, and that she's basically getting ready to go to Utah. I think. She keeps saying Salt Lake City, Utah. So she is really planning her exit here. Things are really moving along very quickly. Nothing moves as fast on this show since season one. So season 17, it's like, we're moving, things are going, it's happening, this relationship is ending. And that's amazing to me. I am assuming that Cody Brown is not going to want to take Christine Brown family corps over child custody issues because it seems that he has since kind of stopped with that talk a bit on this episode. It seems that he's kind of accepting what's going on and moving forward with that. So we'll see what happens. I would like to know how many episodes are in the season. Yes, I did look it up. No, I did not find an answer. And I feel like I'm asking myself that question. Last couple of seasons the last couple of seasons were really painful, but the last couple of seasons, like, okay, how many episodes are going to be in this season? So I can just plan this out. I'm a planner, but I don't know. I have no idea how many episodes are going to be in this season. If you know, please tell me. I would appreciate it if you were on a platform with a comment. You can leave a comment there or you can leave a voice message for the podcast. Okay, I wish you the best and I will see you next week when I go over this again, if there's anything worth going over. But I think there will be, and I'm looking forward to seeing how everything plays out with this very complicated family dynamic. All right, I wish you all the best. Bye. Check out divorcing on your favorite podcasting platform on YouTube and Rumble. Follow on Twitter, linked in and TikTok.