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I've been watching this show since season one, and it's a completely different show now from what it used to be, season one. I remember thinking that it seemed a lot more family friendly and compared to what it is now. I mean, now it's just basically this big breakup show where basically Kody Brown seems to be systematically breaking up with each one of his polygamous wives that he's in a polygamous relationship with. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just look it up on the line. Start watching, because you got a lot of catching up to do if you don't know what I'm talking about at this point. So Christine Brown and Kody Brown are going to be the focus of season 17, but also seems like Kody Brown is he's been on the verge of breaking up and not with Mary Brown, who he's been in a relationship with, but not really. And all these marriages are spiritual, except for the one currently to Robin Brown, which Christine Brown, which I'll get to that in a minute, has asserted as his favorite wife, but everyone's been thinking about for several seasons now. Janelle Brown, it's being teased on the trailer for the rest of the season 17 seems to be in a situation where they're breaking up. Last season, season 16, on a tell all, Cody was saying something like he wasn't in love with Janelle anymore. And Janelle has been very tight lipped saying, oh, we're fine, we're fine. And so it seems like the only relationship he seems to have left is one with Robin Brown. At this point, I just don't think that Mary Brown will ever announce that they're officially broken up, even though it seems like she's living a totally separate life with her better breakfast. And then Janelle Brown is living her own separate life with her kids, most of whom are grown now. And most of the kids are grown, except for the children that Kody Brown has with Robin Brown. So anyways, this episode, though, was basically the breakup episode between Kody Brown and Christine Brown. And I did not think that there was a purpose of having a season 17 at all. I thought, why bother? What could they possibly cover? I mean, seasons 15, 16, from what I recall, were absolutely miserable. There's a huge time gap in the filming of these seasons. I could tell from what they're talking about now, the content of it. It seems very dated to this moment. Christine Brown is long gone in Utah now with her child, the remaining minor that she has. The rest of her children are grown, and Cody Brown seems to still be in Flagstaff. I want to say it's Arizona. But I never can remember what state that he lives in now with the rest of these women. I just can't remember. It always kind of skips my mind. I know that the own Coyote Pass is the property, what they call it. I just can't remember anything else. And then before that, they lived in Nevada, before that, Utah. So these people move a lot. It's kind of challenging to keep up with 17 seasons and way too many moves. But anyways, I digress. So the kind of quotes I want to get to here are some of the highlights. So Kody Brown's quotes that I made note of from the season 17 episode one, tonight I'm angry and I feel pathetic. That's one of his quotes from his conversation with Christine. Also, I don't trust you. Kody Brown quote. Another Cody Brown quote, our marriage sucks. Christine Brown quotes from their conversation about their marriage, spiritual marriage dissolving. I think he has a favorite wife. Referring to Robin Brown. I've been a third wheel for years now. Referring to Robin Brown, no, I don't want to be married to you. She stated that Christine Brown to Cody Brown during this breakup conversation. So that was really straightforward, the conversation that they had. And, you know, the Cody Brown that I see in season 17 and 16 and I think even 15, maybe even before that, I can't remember. For me, it just seems like he is a completely different person from season one. And I don't know what happened from season one to season 15 1617, but he does not seem like the same person. Season one, he seemed like a fun loving, family kind of man, and now he seems like this bitter, angry, rage filled person that I really don't recognize. And I don't understand what happened that led him from season one happy go lucky family guy to season 715 1617 being this new person. And I wonder, was he always like that and he hit it in season one and some of the subsequent seasons, or was he getting a more favorable edit in the earlier seasons and now isn't? I don't understand how he is transformed so drastically because it seems to me like his wives are good people that try to support him and support the polygamous plural marriage situation that they're all in. It seems like their kids are good kids, that they don't get in trouble with major criminal activity or any kind of massive disruptive life stuff going on. And so I'm really unclear as to why this Kody Brown person has transformed so drastically on camera. And that is something that I would like address because it has not been addressed by anyone. Kody Brown kind of sort of addresses a little bit about, oh, we preach this thing about Plymouth and functional plug in me, and now it seems so dysfunctional. And yes, I would agree with Kody Brown on that. It definitely does. Definitely does. So I don't know what became how he became from that person to this person. If you have any thoughts, feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below. If you're on a platform with one of those, okay, so Kody's response to Christine's statement, no, I don't want to be married to you, was I'm good with that. Although his communication, the conversation communicated and demonstrated and conveyed anything, but I'm good with that. Kody communicated that he doesn't want Christine to leave the state due to the children and even said that he thought it was illegal for her to do that, and now she's done it because this was filmed so long ago. She's in Utah right now with Truly. So she went, she did it. She left. She was gone. And it looks like from the trailer for the upcoming episode or episodes, it seems like she lost pretty quickly, too. And I said, okay, good for her, because it seems like he did not want her to leave yet. Utah is not that far away from where they're located. I think it was so many hours drive, and it's just very dysfunctional situation going on there. Kody asserts that Chris cody Brown asserted that Christine Brown is not a victim and that instead has lost her faith, her religion, and essentially hates polygamy. Now, I don't know if any of that is true. Christine Brown has come out and said multiple times now over the past several months that she is not interested in any further plaguous relationships, that she doesn't feel like that's for her anymore. That religious practice. So she has not talked at length about her current spirituality and faith and what she does or doesn't believe in. She just seems to have moved on. She's also moved on from the church that she was previously in, and it seems like an entire family did when they moved to Nevada and then eventually from Nevada to Flagstaff. And she had even said in a telephone season 16 that she did not need her church to relinquish her like we remove her from that marriage, to relinquish her from that spiritual marriage, which was, I guess, formally the procedure that she said it was between her and God and that she did not need that because this is a spiritual marriage and a spiritual divorce. This is not a legal marriage or a legal divorce between Christine and Cody Brown. But they have a lot of children together, and I think that I heard her say that they've been together for 25 years as of the filming of this, which is probably been, I'm willing to bet, at least a year ago, because it seems like everything is at least a year old that they filmed it may have been two years ago.

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Christine explained that she wants to move to Utah to be near her friends and her family and wants to be around people that want to be around her. And she has said this repeatedly now, I've heard her say in season 16, I believe as well. She may have said this in season 15, but it's become this perpetual theme of basically her communicating that she does not feel like Kody Brown wants to be around her and she wants to be surrounded by basically friends and family that love her and her children and that wants to be with them, and she basically just wants to move on and be happy. Overall, the relationship between Christine and Kody seemed largely transactional throughout the entire marriage for Kody, based upon various statements that he made in this conversation. He made statements that were really shocking to me about how he felt pressured, I guess, to get married to her is what he made it sound like, and that he didn't know better. And I would have loved to have heard more about that. I think it's really important for Christine Brown and their children that he felt they need to make those statements on global reality television show. I think that statement really wasn't needed at all to Christine Brown privately or publicly at this time, because that just seems super hurtful after 25 years of marriage and all of the children that they've had who are mostly grown now. And I would like to know why did he feel pressured to get married to Christine Brown? And I would like to know why did he say that he didn't know better at the time? Now, the only thought I can have as to why he may have felt pressured is because of the religion that in their belief system, it appears from I've done a lot of research on this fundamentalist Mormonism and practice the principle is what they refer to it as in this faith based group or groups, because there's multiple of them across the US. And in that group, that faith based group, three wives basically gets you into a certain level of the celestial kingdom, is a part of the belief system based upon my research. And Christine would have been the third wife. So he may have felt pressured at that time because he was so bought into the belief system to marry her because of that. She also came from a very well known polygamous fundamentalist Mormon family as well. And the bloodline goes way back to the origins of polygamy and the Mormon religion. And this Mormon practice of Mormonism is completely different from LDS. Latter day scenes make that very clear. They're completely separate. LDS stopped practicing polygamy. I think it was somewhere in the 18 hundreds, somewhere in there, I do believe. And there's a lot of tension there between the different groups because the way they practice the religion is quite different and polygamy is a clearly defining difference. So I suspect that Cody Brown may have felt pressured to get married to Christine because of the family she came from, was well known and well respected in that community and in that church, I suspect. And also because the blood line went so far back to the roots of this religious practice and also because she was the third wife, which would have got him a higher position in the celestial kingdom that he was a part of his faith at the time. And I say that kind of in the past tense because there have been numerous comments that Cody Brown has now made through the last season 16 for sure, and possibly season 15, and even now then lead me to believe that he does not believe in the religion that he was practicing in the way that he once did. I'm not saying that he has completely abandoned the belief system because he is still choosing to have relationship with multiple women in a polygamous relationship. That doesn't seem to be for any other reason but religious purposes at this time. However, he doesn't seem as bought in as he was in season one. And for that reason, I think that's probably why he's making these statements about why he felt pressured that he didn't know better. Maybe now he realizes there was pressure because of his belief system, but maybe he didn't view it that way at the time. I think now maybe when he says he didn't know better than but maybe he does now, maybe he meant because he just doesn't believe in the religion like he once did. So he wouldn't have made the same decisions now that he did then because of that. That's what I'm speculating. Those are my thoughts on that. But it is incredibly cruel to Christine Brown, the woman who's been married with him for over 20 years and had multiple children with him, to know towards the latter part of her life that oh and by the way, I didn't really feel romantically inclined towards you. I just marriage you out of obligation. Which is essentially what I heard him communicate there. I'm paraphrasing my words, not his, but that's pretty close to what he said as far as the spirit and the gist of it. And that's got to be I mean, she was all in for all those years, all those kids. It's just got to be really devastating. And she did refer to the conversation repeatedly as being extremely embarrassing. Of course it's embarrassing. It'd be embarrassing to hear that privately, much less publicly, on a globally televised reality television show where everyone, her mother now gets to hear about your breakup and your business and how embarrassing, I mean, that's just embarrassing. Flowers humiliating. And then how damaging that your children, even if they are mostly all adults, get to see that. And I imagine that she must have had some kind of conversations with her children about this, the adult children in particular who are going to have access to devices and she can't have any control over because they're moved out and grown up to prep them like oh, and by the way, this is going to be out there for the whole world to see and talk about. And one of the adult children, one of the male children has been on multiple talk shows, podcasts, what, not talking about his parents spiritual divorce and breakup and his thoughts on it, which are quite extensive. Yeah, so those are pretty much my thoughts on that. It was really sad. So I wish you all the best. Feel free to leave a comment if you choose. Alright, bye.