August 16, 2022
Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis and Family Court

Olivia Wilde | Jason Sudeikis | Family Court | Child Custody | Public Serving of Paperwork

Olivia Wilde |  Jason Sudeikis | Family Court | Child Custody | Public Serving of Paperwork



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Hi, my name is Vanessa, and today's podcast video is going to be you about Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis, I think is how you say his name, Jason Sudeikis. I knew it was going to mess it up and I did. So, Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis have been in an ongoing custody conflict is why I prefer to call it instead of a battle like so many people refer to it as for at least several months now. And we know that because four months ago they were in a very public situation because Olivia Wilde was at a public event for a project that she was promoting her film, that she was working on, some kind of film, and she was served public court paperwork essentially about her custody conflict ongoing. Now that was about four months ago and I really didn't think much of it. Obviously, it was really weird, but I just kind of thought it would die down in the news cycle, but it hasn't. Things have kicked back up and it's really public now with the court filings being reported on in real time. And ultimately I wonder why she was served in that way. Her ex didn't publicly apologize for the way that she was served and claimed that he had nothing to do with it. Jason Sudeikis with regarding how she was served. But whatever the case, what happened is what happens and Olivia Wilde obviously isn't happy about it. And now it's escalated their custody conflict in a very public way. And now it's playing out quite literally in the public sphere as another family court situation from a high profile celebrity figures that people like me get to analyze and comment on. So one fun fact about the relationship, which really actually surprised me, was that they were never married. And it's probably a really good thing that they never got married because they're having so much conflict now over the custody situation of their children that I can only imagine how long and drawn out and difficult it all would have been if they would have gotten married and then gotten divorced. And so this also proves that you can have family court issues and need family mediation potentially, and never have been married, but have children with someone else that you disagree on a custody arrangements with. In fact, this seems to be very common and increasingly so. And Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are one clear example of that. So evidently, supposedly their original custody arrangement was pretty peaceful after their break up, but for one reason or another, it just wasn't. And it escalated clearly with the way she was served the paperwork. And if you've ever seen the dirty John franchise, it covered the second installment, covered Betty Broderick's story. I actually covered that quite a lot because it was a story that really fascinated me. Betty Broderick is serving the rest of her life in prison for the murder of her husband or her ex-husband and his new wife. And that's a whole story. Google it. There's some books written about it. It's a very fascinating story. Well, Betty Broderick, it's my understanding, was served court paperwork in front of her friends at a social event, and that was alleged to be on purpose, and it was publicly humiliating to her, further escalating an already highly contentious divorce proceedings and custody proceedings between her and her husband at that time all those years ago. Now, this kind of reminds me of that a little bit with the public serving of paperwork. But Olivia Wilde's ex Jason Sedakis says it was not intentional. So that leads me to wonder, why on earth would anyone going to serve the paperwork think that it's a good idea to serve the person in that way? I don't know. It's beyond my comprehension. I don't get it. But whatever the case, information about what happened four months ago of which was served pop back up in court filings, and it was read for the whole world to see and hear, and I saw it today. And basically, she's communicating through lawyers, I'm sure, to the court that it was basically embarrassing to her to be served that way and that she feels that this was intentional and not an accident and that it's obviously not in the children's best interest to have this escalated in the public sphere, and that's what this did, and on and on. And so basically, she had a favorable outcome in her hearing regarding the custody of her children thus far. But this is far from over, basically. It's kind of complicated. Olivia Wilde wanted the case, the custody case, to be heard in Los Angeles, California, where she says the children are currently residing. And Jason Sedakis wanted the custody hearing to be heard in the state of New York, where he's currently working and wants his children to visit during certain periods of the year. Okay. That's my understanding of it. Ultimately, though, Olivia Wilde has a boyfriend over in London, is my understanding, where she wants to relocate and move the children with her. And that involves so much more complicated family law situation, because now it's not just between a couple of states in the US. Which already is kind of complicated, but now you're involving a foreign country on top of it. So whatever the case, Olivia Wilde, I have to say, seems to really be sticking to her guns, though, so to speak, and really focusing on her future and what life she wants to live and have and her children, their children together. And it really seems to be driving the ship, so to speak, with how this is going to be. She's definitely not appearing to be marginalized in any way in this custody situation. It seems like she's very much moving forward proactively into the future. Now, it does seem like this custody arrangement is likely going to span multiple more months. So I think this is going to recur in the news multiple more times. Most likely, of course, the people involved, Olivia Wilde and Jason Sedakis at any time could come to an agreement through mediation or just on their own or through their lawyers and not have to go back to court any further if they could figure things out. But given what's happened with how Olivia Wilde was publicly served and how upset she seems by that now and how this is in the public eye so much and being reported on, like, daily right now, I don't think that this is going to be solved amicably. I think it's going to take many more months. And if I were a gambling woman, I would say one to two years is how long I see this taking. One to two years before it's all ironed out. With lawyers and with court systems moving so slowly, I just can see things dragging out and out and out and out and easily just eating up a year's time in no time at all. So whatever the case, I hope for the sake of the children, it all works out sooner than later in the most peaceful way possible, and that they will move forward with their lives and their children as well. Because the reality is, children don't have a choice as to what situation they're born into. I was thinking about that a lot with Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's, children who have been placed in the middle of a total storm right now. Children just don't have a choice about where or who or how they're born. And so for that reason and that reason alone, all efforts should be taken to protect all children in all situations so they can have the best shot at having a great life. All right, I wish you all the best. Bye.