Introduction podcast episode. Dedicated to topics related to Florida Family Mediation and Divorce.


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this is a quick introduction episode. If you've already listened to the trailer, you know this podcast is going to be focused on topics related to divorce and family mediation, specifically in the state of Florida. However, the information may be educational, nurturing informational for other people as well, because the reality is divorce affects so many people and many people have no idea about what family mediation even is and the benefits potentially of it. So I am certified as a family mediator in the state of Florida and I'm really proud of that, really excited about that and looking forward to moving more so in that direction in the future. And I also am a licensed clinical social worker in the state of North Carolina currently, and so I own a company called Family Mediation, divorce Counseling and Anger Management Services. And this podcast is going to be all about divorce and family mediation. Nearly 50% of first time marriages in America will end in divorce. That number, that stat absolutely is going to vary depending upon what community you're in. For example, if you find yourself in the military community during a time of high deployments, then that number will spike. I remember experiencing it, witnessing it, observing it firsthand a number of years ago when I was in the military. And it was a sight to behold, that's for sure. However, you may in other areas, like higher socioeconomic status areas, find that there is a lower incidence of divorce. Not to say does it happen, it absolutely does. But that the rate the statistics overall would likely be lower. And that's because there's a direct correlation between level of education and income and the ability to sustain a marriage over time. Of course, there's many other factors and variables in gray areas as well. And these are the kinds of topics that are going to be covered as well as so much more that I am so interested and excited about sharing. Distributed on podcasts platforms throughout America and YouTube and Rumble and the LinkedIn, and it will also be on the website Divorcing, where all of the content can be located and streamed as well. So, just as a disclaimer, this is for informational, educational and or entertainment purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional services. If you're in need of professional service or expertise, please locate them in your area. I insist. And if you're having a crisis, please call 911. Looking forward to the future. Wishing you all the best and there is so much to cover in the world of this magnitude with topics like divorce that affects so many people are wish you all the best. Bye.