September 19, 2022
Family Conflict | Royal Family | Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

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Family Conflict | Royal Family | Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

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In today's podcast, video are going to be about the royal family. Royal conflict, family conflict. And Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. It's been on my mind a lot the last couple of days, probably because of recent events regarding the Queen passing away. And Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been pretty much everywhere in the news over the last couple of years, it seems like since 2020, especially when they broke away from the royal family and decided to move to California, which I did not see coming at all. And then also before that, in the few years leading up to that, with their engagement, their globally televised spectacle, epic event of a wedding, they've been used constantly, reported on constantly. When you're into the royal family, whether you're born into it or married into it, one thing is very clear, and that is that there is no more real privacy. There are people that are going to want to know where you're at, what you're doing, who you're with, what you ate, and way too many personal details that most of us just take for granted, and rightfully so. It's definitely a whole different world. It definitely seems like a fishbowl life to live in. It seems like it's definitely high pressure, high anxiety, high everything. And if you're born into it and have the correct personality, it seems like that could be great and have a lot of luxuries and perks, for sure. But if you don't have the personality for it because you're born into it or you marry into it and maybe didn't fully understand or agree to everything that's about to happen, then or change your mind, then obviously it could take a turn for the worse. So today I'm going to be covering really five topics about the royal family that have been coming to my mind. Royal titles, royal duties, royal behavior, royal support and money issues. Royal money issues. So I'm going to go in order. So the royal titles. So royal titles are a huge deal with the royal family. I've come to realize I am not someone that follows obsessively the royal family, and there are a lot of people out there that absolutely do. I think it's more common probably in that country than it is in America for people to follow them in Britain, because that's the part of their culture. I have visited that country and I love it. I love London. I love Britain. It's really great. But it's definitely not ingrained in my culture, that's for sure. Although there's a lot of Americans that follow this closely and the American press, along with press globally, seem to want to COVID this quite a lot. But royal titles, so the royal titles have been a contentious issue, it seems like, with a number of the royals and I would think, anyway, is that because they have so much money and so much power and so much prestige and so much positioning that there'd be less family conflict and maybe a regular family that doesn't. But actually that seems to be quite the opposite, seems to be just as much conflict, if not more conflict in the royal family than in regular nonroyal families. And maybe it's because of the fact that there is so much money, so much power, so much at stake. And so it seems like there's a lot of politicking and positioning and jockeying for different positions, and titles are definitely a part of that. Princess Diana, when she left, she was not able to retain her title that she had when she was married. And now there is debate and controversy about the children of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, whether or not they will receive certain royal titles or not. So, as many of you may know, they were on Meghan Markle and Terry in a very highly controversial Oprah Winfrey interview a couple of years ago now, I think it was, and they were claiming that there is questioning about whether or not their children would receive royal titles by at least one member of the royal family, allegedly because allegedly of discriminatory reasons, specifically race was mentioned. Okay, now they are no longer working royals is what it's called. They've left. They're in California, they've signed different deals with different media companies to do different media projects. There seems to be a lot of controversy about that. I don't think there's anything these people can do without there being a ton of controversy. Specifically Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and also the rest of their family, but specifically Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, a lot of controversy. And now there's controversy about whether or not their children are going to receive royal titles because they are not working royals. However, because of the earlier controversy of what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were alleging would be the potential reason the children wouldn't receive a royal title or titles, it's kind of like, well, which is it because they're not working royals? Or is it because of the legend discriminatory reasons? It's really unclear. But clearly this is a family conflict and possibly family feud, it seems like, that doesn't appear to be going away. So I'm curious in the coming days, as the morning period concludes in Britain and all the formal ceremonial proceedings related to the Queen's funeral, if this will be officially announced one way or the other about the royal titles. Right now, royal titles are shifting with multiple family members and positions are shifting within the royal family because of the Queen's death. So I'll be curious to see if this concludes the controversy or if it just continues or whatnot. Royal duties. So royal duties are a huge thing in the royal family. There's a thing called working royals. Those are the royal members of the family that go and do all this charitable works and are very high profile. And that seems to be controversial as well. During the time that Princess Diana was alive and working as a royal, she started to do work with people that were afflicted with various ailments and illnesses and that were impoverished and that were really disadvantaged. And it was very public that work a very high profile. And evidently that was a divergence, diverging from the regular work that royals done in the past, which was different from that. And so she was really into charitable works and it was very high profile, everything she did. Now the royal family seems to be increasingly involved the working royals in every charitable project, I feel like known charitable topic known to mankind globally, and they're routinely flying different countries. However, how they travel even, has been a subject of controversy. The fact that there's private jets involved, that it cost a lot of money, that it's not, you know, great for the environment because of all the drugs that they take is what's being reported and stuff like that. So, again, everything they do seems to be really controversial. So royal duties seems to be another topic and potential for family conflict in this family about what is it each family member's duty to do versus what they would prefer to do and what's appropriate and what's not appropriate. Royal behavior. That is a hot topic in the royal family and a topic of massive conflict. There's been a history of different affairs infidelity in the royal marriages that led up to royal divorces historically throughout now many years and generations even. And the behavior now over the last number of decades is so well documented from the royal family members because of cameras and audio are just following these people absolutely everywhere. Like, there seems to be nothing that they can do pretty much that's not being recorded, captured on film, captured by some kind of microphone, audio recording, some kind of photograph. I mean, just every move they make. Kate, Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton, she was inappropriately photographed, possibly filmed when she was on a balcony, not fully covered, on a vacation with her husband. And that was a big tape because it was such a huge invasion of privacy. Fergie was her nickname for short. She was married and then divorced from a royal. And she was photographed without all of her clothing on with someone other than her husband. And then she gave a divorce based on documentary. I was just watching out this last night. And then, of course, Meghan Markle and Harry, every move they've made pretty much has caused controversy about how they announced their first child birth versus how other worlds did it in the past, what should have happened versus what did happen. Meghan Markle's you know, alleged behavior inside of the royal family with the royal staff, there's been controversy, allegations about that Prince Harry's choice to separate himself a bit from his family. There's been controversy about that. And then there's been controversy about Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's allegations about the behavior of other members of the family as well, not all of whom were specifically named. So, royal support. So it is very clear and very safe to say at this point that based upon clips that I saw of exactly what Prince Harry was saying. That Prince Harry doesn't seem to be particularly happy with the royal family as a whole. With all of its members. With all of their behavior. And with the support of lack thereof through the years. Whether it be with his marriage with Meghan Markle or. You know. Choices that senior royals made for him when he was a child that he did not appreciate. I'm not going to get into exact quotes, things he said, just because it's sensitive and I don't want to be rude, but it surprised me learning just how unhappy Prince Harry really seems to be. I mean, he described in that Oprah Winfrey interview like a situation where he was communicating, he felt trapped in the family. Clearly, his personality and maybe events that have occurred, like the death of his mother, Princess Diana, have shaped his personality to such a point to where he doesn't seem like he really is thrilled to be a part of the royal family and all of the expectations around how a royal family member should behave and what their duties should be and so on and so forth. With that said, he spent ten years in the royal military, he was deployed to the Middle East, and he has contributed quite a lot. But this expectation of how a royal family member should behave seems to be something that he resents. And he also seems to resent Prince Harry perceived lack of support from his family for himself and for his new wife or newer wife, Meghan Markle, though they've now been married a number of years, so it's not a brand new marriage by any means, and they now have two small children together. Royal money issues. Now, this is a real thing and this is something that many people can relate to, but many people can't relate to. So most people have money issues, but with royal money issues, the money issues are much larger. So through the years, the royal family has faced so much controversy to include the late Queen who just passed about how much money the royal family should be receiving from the taxpayers and how much money they should be forking over for their own expenses and what not. As a monarchy. So many compromises have been made through the years where taxes are being paid by the marinarp in some circumstances, evidently, and also money that they are now generating themselves from basically commercialized royal properties. So at one point, they started doing tours of a royal property that was open to the public in Britain, and they've managed to generate money that way through the commercialization of some of their assets, basically the real estate assets. Prince Charles there is more than a billion dollars in properties and royal properties in the Royal family. That was so surprising to me when I found that out from this documentary I was watching. It's like they talk about old money. This is old, old money right here. And they're also operating off of principles that were established hundreds of years ago, laws and policies and rules and whatnot. So that's fascinating as well about this family. But the Royal money issues are a real thing. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle received £2.4 million from the British taxpayers to renovate Restore, possibly because it's a really elderly building, Frogmore Cottage, and that's equivalent to two £4 million is equivalent to about $3 million. And so then, of course, they decide to relocate not too shortly thereafter, not too long after, to the USA, to California specifically. And there was a lot of controversy about that as well. Well, they since paid back all the money to the British taxpayers, since all that took place. But the facts are that there was money issues there. There was controversy there, as is constant with this family. They received money from the British taxpayers every year, and then there's also money that comes from the family that's generated through the commercialization from their property. And it sounds very complicated. Definitely safe to say. These people probably have a staff of financial experts and professionals to manage all the money so that they don't have more money issues, potentially in more controversy in Britain about the Royal money situation. With that said, though, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, I wonder if they have money issues currently or will have them in the future. Because part of the issues with the Royal titles, with their children, if they don't receive it, then they're going to have to pay for more security out of their own pocket. Evidently, in Britain, if they go back to Britain, they wouldn't automatically receive taxpayer funded security at a certain level for their children. And so that is a concern, and also, I imagine, a financial concern as well, because it seems that they need a Secret Service level of security. Secret Service. Meaning, like the White House. They have Secret Service? That level of security must be incredibly expensive to pay for.

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Now they're in the US. They're paying for their own security is my understanding. At one point, the Canadian government was paying for their security, but stopped shortly after they got there. Of course, when they were part of the Royal family, they received security. There was controversy about whether or not their child, their first child, would receive security or not, along with the title. So I don't know. That was all allegations. But now they're in America, they're paying for their own securities, minor city in California, and they also paid for a $15 million mansion. Allegedly 5 million was put down and 10 million was mortgaged. And I say mansion because I figure it has to be a mansion to cost that much money. I have not seen the property, but they called it in a state is what I was reading about it, and so possibly that might have a lot of land with it. But in California especially, where I suspect they're living, the real estate is so much money, it's so expensive. Like, $15 million in California is not going to get to the same property as $15 million would over in Montana or somewhere else. So it's a super expensive place to live. I don't know why they chose California of all the places to live, like, why they chose that specific area. I wonder if it's because Meghan Markle feels like they have more connections in that area to do media type work, and so they choose to live there for that reason. I know some people choose that for that reason, but then there's also highlevel celebrities that choose to live elsewhere, and they'll just fly in when they need to for certain opportunities. And a lot of work can be done remotely now, so I don't really know why they would feel the need to go there. It just seems like such a financial burden to go and live somewhere that is so expensive to live in the US. When there's so many other states and places that you could possibly live. So I kind of feel like that's a self inflicted money issue for them in a lot of different ways. But who knows? You know, maybe somehow that is financially beneficial and they just haven't disclosed that. Not quite sure. But whatever the case, those are the five royal family conflict issues that I wanted to point out that have been on my mind. Royal Titles, Royal Duties, Royal Behavior, Royal Support and Royal Money issues to recap So feel free to share your thoughts. If you'd like to in a comment or on a platform that has a comment area or for the podcast. If you'd like to leave a voice message, a comment that may or may not be featured in the future, just know all comments are public if you choose to leave one. Okay, I wish you all the best. Bye.