September 02, 2022
Christine Brown | Life After "Spiritual Divorce" to Kody Brown | "SisterWives"

Christine Brown's feature in "People" magazine and Life After "Spiritual Divorce" to Kody Brown | "SisterWives" Upcoming season of "SisterWives".

 Christine Brown's feature in "People" magazine and Life After "Spiritual Divorce" to Kody Brown | "SisterWives"  Upcoming season of "SisterWives".  



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Hi, my name is Vanessa, and today's podcast video is going to be about Christine Brown on Sister Wives, which has been going on for way too many seasons. You followed it? I have. I know way too much about this show. I was watching it from the very beginning of the show. So now it's coming back for I think it's season 17, or I may have just got the number wrong, so I've lost count at this point. But there was a really nice People magazine feature that Christine Brown was featured in where she talked about life after Cody Brown and her spiritual divorce. Because, as you may or may not know, she was never legally married to Cody Brown, who's also a star on the Sister Wives reality TV show. So it appears that the only legal ties they had together were their children, one of which is now still a minor, and then the rest are grown. And then also the property on Coyote Pass. As you may or may not recall, if you've been watching this show, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Coyote Pass is a big thing. And so if I understand correctly, she sold it to Cody Brown, sold it for $10. I'm assuming what happened is there was some type of agreement between them about how money would be transferred or assets or who knows what. I don't know. I kind of am curious about behind the scenes of how that worked with their agreements and arrangements were because the property value, even the People and Sister Wives, Janelle, Robin, Cody, Christine, and Mary all pretty much acknowledged that the real estate market had changed. It means changed multiple times. They've been buying and selling in Vegas and now in the Coyote Pass, the new property they're at, I can't remember what state that's in anyways, but the property was worth a substantial amount of money, more likely than not the law that she had an interest in, that she was owning, I guess. And so I don't know how they work that out, where she would sell it to Cody Brown for $10. But she did, evidently. Allegedly. It's what I keep hearing and reading about stuff online. So now she's in Utah. She seems to love it. And I was really struck on the video that People magazine filmed with her in this really fancy photo shoot layout that she seemed just really happier than I've probably ever seen her since the show first aired. When the show first aired, she seemed really bubbly and enthusiastic on season one, and then that kind of faded after Robin came into this situation. And then things changed the family dynamics, but now she seems happier than ever. And it also seems like there's going to be a lot of fireworks in the upcoming season. I'm surprised they're filming another season just because what's left to really say here, but Cody Brown in the trailer, the season 17 trailer, sister Wives, has a full blown situation. Like, he's yelling. He's waving his arms around. He's standing up. He just looks like he's pretty much flailing, and he's really yelling at Christine Brown in front of Robin Brown. And I believe Janelle and Mary are there as well. And I feel like the caption could be how not to behave during a breakup. I mean, that's really what the caption could be with Cody Brown. And the fact that he chose to behave this way on globally televised reality television programming is just completely mind blowing to me. He's already come off popular opinion not well in the most recent seasons, and now this. It's just like it just seems like a complete implosion in all ways possible, personally, professionally, whatever the case. So whatever the case, it seems like Christine Brown is a much healthier, happier position since she got her spiritual divorce from Cody Brown and since they've separated. And it sounds like she's going to stay in Utah for the rest of her life and she has family there, so it makes sense why she would choose to do that. All right, let me know your thoughts and either the comments below. If you're on a platform where there are comments, you can leave an audio message for the podcast as well, if you choose to. And I wish you all the best. Bye.