August 11, 2022
Britney Spears & Kevin Federline

This podcast covers the topics of Parental Alienation, Child Visitation & Parenting as it pertains to this super high profile celebrity fiasco!


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Platform on YouTube and rumble. Follow on Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok. Hi, my name is Vanessa and today's video slash podcast are going to be about the ongoing, seemingly never ending Britney Spears family saga is the simplest way to describe it at this point. So as some of you may or may not be aware, kevin Federline did do his interview with ITV and I'm not certain if 100% of the video has been released yet. Of the interview, it seems like it was being kind of dripped out. There were preview clips of it that I watched a number of weeks back and commented on that because there was that and then a lot of other things going on with the Britney Spears family saga. And since then, since I did those last recordings a number of weeks ago, interview clips, it appears, or segments, whatever you would like to call them, have been released of one of Britney Spear's minor children and Kevin Federline, her ex husband, which is mostly what I'm going to focus on because he's the adult in the situation. Now, I included, if you're in the watching this on a platform with the description, a link, a direct link to the portion of the interview that I watched with the narration and everything, it's about 18 minutes and change. It's a direct link to it. I watched it one time. That was more than enough for me. It was quite a lot to watch and sit through a kind of pause and take breaks in between can. I collected my thoughts and then also I included a news article that is very well researched, it appears from internationally renowned journalist Ronin Farrow, and he did it prior to the ending of Britney Spear's conservatorship. And I include that because I'm going to actually be mentioning it a little bit because there's information that's directly relevant to the Kevin Federal interview that was just recently released. Now, I have more questions at this point than answers and to my own thoughts, my own kind of burning questions about this whole situation. And you'll kind of see that as this video plays out. Okay, so Kevin Federal line in this interview is really providing contradictory information just based upon what's already been released publicly. And I am going to be fairly objective. So if you're a huge Brace Spirits fan, probably I can be happy with me. A huge Federal line fan probably happiest with me because I really have criticisms of basically both parties at this point because the behavior is really unbelievably bad and not in the best interest of the minor children from what I can tell. So that's pretty much my overall bottom line take on the whole situation. But I have a lot more specific thoughts on it. So one of my questions is was Kevin Federline paid any money above and beyond child support during the 13 year conservatorship? Because there's speculation that he was that is being alleged, it's being speculated internet information out there, gossip, rumors, whatever you want to call it, that he was paid money above and beyond child support in order to stay out of spotlight, stay quiet. Now the conservatorships ended. It's being speculated that allegedly he is doing these types of interviews for basically money because child support is going to be running out, which is extremely a lot of money and child support he's been receiving all these years. And the children are about to be adults within the next year. Now, I don't know, there's a lack of transparency. There's what people say on Wanda, I don't know if he received a dime during the conservatorship above and beyond the child support that he was receiving, which is already a lot of money and continues to be. I would love to know that because it would provide a lot of clarity. There's a lack of transparency in this entire situation with all these different players involved, so to speak. And the interview that Kevin Federline did was just full of softball questions. I would have loved you just go in there and start asking them a whole bunch of hard hitting questions because none of the questions that I answer a lot of other people have were even answered during the 18 minutes and change interview segment with narration that I watched. So I don't think it's going to improve any. And in fact, you know, the way they filmed it, it felt a lot like a really well, highly produced home video marketing his parenting skills and family lifestyle. It felt very much like I'm presenting myself to be dad of the year here. Mr. Perfect pretty much, and no one's perfect. And he's sitting there really criticizing to the extreme Britain Spears and whatnot. However, it's really an unfair situation because imagine if your ex or, you know, string of exes were able to be interviewed and broadcast globally what they might say about you or someone you may know. And Kevin's federal lines, they're talking about bringing spirits, his ex wife. Yet none of Kevin federaline's exes are sitting there talking about him and critiquing him. And so it's just kind of this inherently unfair situation and also dragging all this out into the public sphere in no way, shape or form benefits the children involved. It just doesn't just like releasing all those videos on Instagram of when they're adolescents filming their mother without her knowledge didn't benefit the situation either. It doesn't even make a whole lot of sense, but a lot of it feels like revenge of some kind and tit for tat and trying to have the upper hand and power and control. And that's what I see a lot with this dynamic. I also think my theory is at this point, based on interview I saw and all the information coming out, that this is an extreme case of principal alienation by Kevin Federline. That is my take on it. I don't know. These people. I've never met them. I don't want to. But with information that's being released, in his own words, in his own interview, and just the amount of power and control, he seems to be able to shape the narrative and even to make it to where the kids are available, or at least one of the children are available for a globally televised interview. I mean, clearly he has a ton of power and control in this situation because it doesn't appear that Brace spirits in any way, shape or form consented to having one of her children being interviewed for this interview that happened. And so I'm assuming that it must have been like this the whole time that there were children where he always had the upper hand, was able to control the lives of the children and activities of the children and what the children are going to do. And when you have that much power and control as a parent or guardian over a child or children, you're able to really shape the narrative in what these children are thinking and doing and their way of life and everything else. And that can be used for good or not so good purposes. In this case, I really think it's being used for not so good purposes just because the reality is, regardless of the truth of the situation, putting minor children who have a globally infamous, at this point famous, whatever you want to call it, parent to get this level of scrutiny, I see in no way, shape or form benefiting them long term or short term for that matter. In fact, they're already being criticized just off that one interview that was released. And children should have a right to privacy and that privacy shouldn't have been violated through this interview at all, even if the child thought they wanted to do it. They're a minor child, and I don't think that these children or the child interviewed could possibly grasp the widescale impact and implications of having themselves out there in that way. And again, I only saw the interview with one child. I don't know if the other one is going to be interviewed or not. Kind of the impression that they're not, but I could be wrong. All right, so next question I have is why doesn't Britney Spears have a competent, professional, reputable PR public relations team handling her presence online? At this point, the only thing I can guess is that she doesn't think that she needs one. Well, I would have to disagree. I think that Britney Spears desperately needed a PR team from the moment she exited out that conservatorship to manage her online presence. It's being speculated maybe she doesn't know how to use social media effectively because she didn't have access to social media herself or the internet. I saw something online that kind of gave me the impression that she had an assistant maybe helping her post things. And some of the easier it has diehard fans and what she does, I think will always support her. And then there's everybody else who is more independent into thinking about her activities online and her behavior as a whole. And so my thoughts are her online presence is bordering on bizarre and it has been for many years now. There was an entire podcast that created dedicated to her social media presence, specifically if he goes on Instagram while she was in the conservatorship and there was a lot of conspiracy theories and different ideas of what could possibly be going on with the Instagram during that time. Well, that podcast I'm pretty sure discontinued as the legal battle heated up pertaining to Britain's group's conservatorship. However, her presence online isn't any less bizarre now than it was before. In fact, I think it might have increased in being a little bit more bizarre now because now she is releasing these like, posts online specifically on Instagram. It's been released of post asparaging that are just making spaghetti commentary about her own biological children. Of course, this is very controversial. Of course this is going to alienate some people while at the same time some of her diehard fans are going to continue to support her no matter what she does. But I don't see how that she could see this is going to benefit her short term or long term. And clearly she cares what people think about her. Otherwise she wouldn't keep posting these kinds of responses publicly about these interviews that are happening with Kevin Federal and her one child thus far. So if she cares so much about her PR and her public presence, then certainly it would be a good idea to have PR team help her manage that and shape the narrative in the most favorable fashion possible and present her in the best light possible. And currently that's just not happening at all. All right, so right now, Britney Spears has like 42 million counting followers and I think a lot of people are tuning in for what amounts to a complete fiasco involving her family. Okay, so

let's see. I want to know also if Kevin Federal paid for the interview with ITV and if so, how much? I would have appreciated complete transparency on that topic. It would have been great if they could have put $0 in green on the bottom of the screen, like $0 paid to Kevin Federal for this interview or what have you, if it was, you know, millions of dollars, this many millions of dollars paid to Kevin Federalist. This interview. It just wasn't really nice to have transparency on that topic because of the fact that it would give a lot more clarity as to the possible motivation for all of this and context to the situation in the interview as a whole. It would have, for me at least, and this is definitely a question that is coming up a lot about whether or not he was financially compensated for that interview and I would love to know exactly how much money is covered. Is Kevin Federline receiving in child support every month? So is the $40,000 a month figure that Britney Spears provided accurate? So Britney Spears posted a voice message within the last number of days about responding again to this interview situation with her exhusband, Kevin Federaline and talking about her children as well. And she mentioned $40,000 a month in child support is what she was referring to, I believe, and I'd like to know if that's accurate. There's been a lot of large numbers floated about how much money Kevin Butterline has received in child support. Whatever the amount of money is, it appears that it is substantial and he's been receiving it for most of the children's life. And so I have a lot of different questions about that. If the children, when they reach 18, are they going to be financially cut off at this point from Britney Spears? Because she basically talked about that in a voice message that she posted online and then subsequently removed as she's done in the past with other voice messages and recordings. And if so. Are the children at that point when they're adults. Going to resort to paid interviews or book deals or I don't know what in order to possibly support themselves because they're not going to be like regular people. Everyone's going to know who they are and what they look like. Especially given the fact that their identity now has been well. At least for the one child broadcast globally and he is in next year. Is going to be of age. So let's see. The other question I have is how will Kevin Federline maintain his current lifestyle after the child support money dries up? So there was a prenuptial agreement between Kevin Federal and Britney Spears when they were married. He received my understanding as a onetime lump sum payout and then that was it. The money he's been receiving all these years is in the form of child support because he's been predominantly raising the children and their peers and some court filings. There's been some different things about division of custody and child support increases and things like that through the years and that's been highly widely reported on. So my other thoughts to conclude are that Kevin Federline's interview was full of, in my view, contradictions and discrepancies, some of them to include but not wanted to. The Ronan's Pharaoh article that was written a while ago mentioned disparaging remarks that Kevin Federalist had scribbled in the wall somewhere of a venue where he was working is based on my memory of reading the article regarding the divorce with brace spirits all those years ago in the child custody situation in conflict that was ensuing and there was no mention of that from him. Instead, he described my words, not his, in summarizing meeting with his lawyer when he found out he was going to be getting a divorce for British Spears because she did initiate it based upon everything that's out there. And he made it sound like he was just this ultimate family man and all these different things which is anyway and so other things he talks about the grandfather of the children, the father of Britney Spears, like he is just grandpa of the generation, of the century, of the year, whatever you want to call like the ultimate grandad. However, it's been widely reported that Kevin Federal successfully obtained a restraining order against him for an alleged altercation or some kind of alleged violent behavior towards at least one of the children. And that's when allegedly he received an increase in custody at that point and it has stayed the same as my understanding. Since then there's been a lot of lingual mumbo jumbo back and forth about this. There was also an increase in child support allegedly. These have court records that have been put out there and people have been reporting on. In fact a lawyer reported through a blog post about talking about child support as a whole in Vegas residencies because she was doing a Vegas residency. When he received that increase in child support successfully, I think he requested more than what he ended up receiving that he received even more. And so there is no doubt in my mind, in my opinion that the child support is so much money that it is absolutely funding his lifestyle of where he lives and how he lives and on and on. And based upon my understanding what I heard online about the court documents, he said himself a number of years ago that he wasn't making or able to make the amount of money he once made in the past because he was older, because he's a backup dancer. He wasn't able to do that in the same way or at all anymore because of his age. His DJing jobs had slowed down. So in other words, relying upon this money to live and it was saying in the legal documents about how needed to support the children. I think a lot of issue kind of like with these mega amounts of cash out in California being handed out on child support, saying it's needed to support the child. I understand that they need security and this and that. However, there was pushback when Britain's at his father was trying to obtain information about how he was spending the current child support and it was said allegedly that well, you know, Kevin Federline isn't in a conservatorship British spirit is and he doesn't have to report to anyone about how he spends his money, basically referring to the child support allegedly. So there's a lack of transparency there too about where the money is going. Kevin Federal has many children and not just the two that he has with Britney Spears and my understanding is he's raising all of them. So once his two children become of age with Britney Spears and it's not too far from now. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out. They're about a year apart, so they'll be turning 18 when the other stole a minor, one of them. And so I don't know if he'll automatically receive a decrease of deduction in child support in California or Fraser, period's. Legal teams and try to make sure that that happens since there's only one minor child left at that point. Not sure how it's going to work out, but whatever the case, money. Questions about money are at the forefront of my mind in this situation. About all the things that I outlined. Kevin Federline seems very chummy with the rest of Britain's spirit's family that she's at odds with throughout this interview. That came across very clearly. It was described by an interview, not going too much detail. You can watch it if you want that the reasoning that the children weren't going to the wedding was because the rest of her family wasn't invited. What she's in direct conflict with, and that is not consistent with the reason that was provided by Kevin federalin's lawyer about why the children weren't going to the wedding. And so there's just a lot of discrepancies, inconsistencies and contradictions that I identified right away in the interview that didn't really make sense to me, that didn't really add up. And there's just lots of softball questions and no real hard hitting questions in the interview for Kevin Federline. And I walk away with all of this information with way more questions than answers at this point. And I think to myself that Britney Spears isn't doing herself any favors with the way she's posting online, with what she's posting online, specifically disparaging remarks and commentary about her children. I'm just going to sum it up to see that because I don't want to talk about her minor children and I refuse to read a verbatim what she's writing because it is so inflammatory and controversial. OK, that is it for today. I wish you all the best. Feel free to share your thoughts on what questions that you have left about the situation in the comments below. If you're on a platform with comments or an audio message for the podcast, you'll listen to the podcast. Alright, catch you next time. Wish you all the best. Bye. Check out divorcing store. Dot divorcing on your favorite podcasting platform on YouTube and rumble. Follow on Twitter, LinkedIn and Tik Tok.