Nov. 27, 2022

About Florida Family Mediation Services

About Florida Family Mediation Services

Florida Family Mediation Services

Family mediators are intended to serve as objective, neutral, third parties that may help to facilitate communication regarding difficult topics that need solutions. 

Family mediation can potentially help to resolve family conflict, thus enabling the creation of healthier families for years ahead.  

Family mediation is also referred to and utilized for a number of varying purposes to include but not limited to: 

➡️ Helping Adults Solve Problems 

➡️ Divorce Mediation 

➡️ Co-parenting Planning 

➡️ Conscious Uncoupling 

➡️ Child Custody Disputes

➡️ Separation Agreements 

➡️ Co-parenting Dispute(s) 

➡️ Child Custody Visitation Agreements 


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