August 13, 2022
Anne Heche - Car Accident - Addiction & Mental Health

Anne Heche was involved in what would become a fatal car accident for the high profile actress. In this podcast and video the topics of DUIs/DWIs, Family, Divorce, Marriage, Addiction and Mental Health are briefly addressed.Β  Many families experience divorce and family conflict due to addiction, drug use, alcoholism.

Anne Heche was involved in what would become a fatal car accident for the high profile actress.

In this podcast and video the topics of DUIs/DWIs, Family, Divorce, Marriage, Addiction and Mental Health are briefly addressed.

Many families experience divorce and family conflict due to addiction, drug use, alcoholism.  




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hi, my name is Vanessa and today's video podcasts are going to be about Anne Heche, her car accident and now subsequent death that's been announced, unfortunately today. And I'm going to talk about this in relation to the chronic problem of DUIs DWIs throughout all of America. And basically the reality of house all ends up playing out and causing divorce in marriages and harming families, essentially. And certainly this tragic event has really highlighted the tragedy crossed all across America with events like these, essentially. So Anne Heche, she's an American actress for those of you that aren't super familiar, or maybe you are, and she basically is well known, they keep talking about in the media for her dating history. She dated at one point Ellen DeGeneres and was in a relationship with her many years ago. She now has moved on with her life. She did and she's done a ton of acting projects and whatnot. So she's very well known, very high profile. So about one week ago now, she got into a car accident. There was a surprising amount of video of this showing how it all played out. None of it was good. And the police were basically investigating while she was in the hospital what happened. And they also did got a warrant, as my understanding, for a test of her I think it was her blood to see if there's narcotics or alcohol or whatnot in her system. They came back and said that there were narcotics that they found in her system, but they had to do more testing to rule out whether or not it was hospital drugs or not. And then before any of that really even had a chance to play out, clips emerged of work interviews and media clips of where she appeared to be impaired, appeared to be drinking, appeared to be not at her best, let's just say. And it was basically lead any rational person to the conclusion that there appears to have been some type of addiction issue, some type of alcohol issue, drug use or something like that based upon the information that was being put out there. Well, then there's been talk online about her mental health history. Evidently she wrote about that in a book that she wrote a number of years ago. I have not read that book. I'm actually curious about it at this point. I'm sure that more people will probably start reading it now this has happened. Well, today she was announced that she has passed away, that she's dead. It's kind of complicated though, because of the medical situation. And I'm not going to go into that because it's really neither here nor there. And it's also a very complicated, dark topic. But all of this makes me think about the number of DUIs and DWIs in America. It's just rampant. And the drug problem in america, and of course globally. But I'm going to talk just about in America, and about eight years ago, I spoke with basically there's a director of this organization, and they were in charge of issuing credentials to people. And those credentials required background checks, and a background check would pull up whether or not the person ever had a DUI or DWI, driving underneath the influence or driving while intoxicated or whatever it stands for in different states, because I know they have a lot of different criminal charges related to driving while impaired or driving while underneath the influence or whatnot. Well, the person told me that this is their words, not mine. Everyone has a DUI or DWI these days, and of course the person is being sarcastic, and I basically ask the person, what do you mean we're talking about? And they were saying that so many people have DUIs and DWIs these days in America, and just specifically in the state, that they were having a lot of issues with that because the requirement was basically to have nothing in your background that would call things into question, essentially. So they'd have to have a special meeting every single time something was in someone's background. And because of the number of DUIs and DWI's they were seeing in people's backgrounds, one or more of these, they were having to have meeting after meeting after meeting about them and make decisions on these individuals applications of whether or not they issued the credential or not. And so I don't know exactly how they made the determination, but I just know it was an enormous issue. And that was kind of the first time I remember hearing of just the volume of DUIs and wis. So I have a lot of work experience in that area, working with people that have addiction issues and experience drug addiction and alcoholism, stuff like that. And I don't do that clinical work any longer at this time. However, I became aware of how rampant drug use and alcoholism really is really all throughout America. There is not one neighborhood I believe anymore that I'm aware of where there isn't someone abusing drugs and or alcohol, where there isn't some kind of addiction issue happening. And actually, I read the newspaper today in my local community and in my own neighborhood, there was a massive significant drug bust essentially that occurred where substantial amounts of quantities of drugs were seized and whatnot. And so in communities all across America are experiencing issues with drugs, addiction, alcoholism, et cetera. And when I think about this Ian heath accident and the tragedy of it all. I think a lot about how many people that are married are getting a divorce and who's experiencing some kind of family conflict leading up to that and thereafter because of issues with alcohol or addiction or drug use of some kind or mental illness of some kind as well. Maybe in addition to or separate from that and a lot of people are unwilling to go to support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. Narcotics Anonymous. NA or go to an addiction counselor or what not. Often times people don't seek help until they are court ordered to because of a DUI or DWI or some kind of tragedy or are incarcerated where there's a treatment program of some kind that they're required to do or that they just choose to participate in at that time. So the Anne Heche thing has been widely reported on the videos of her vehicle have really enough her behavior in the vehicle prior to that crash into that person's home have really highlighted the tragedy even further because there's in real time like information that came out about it. But there are unfortunately in communities across America incidences where people are driving while drinking or driving while on multiple types of drugs and it leads to death or injury or damage to people's property. And I can think of multiple incidences just in the last number of years in my own community where things like this have happened. So anyways, I just thought I would bring that up. It's definitely on my mind right now though of it. And I'm sure that when people are I don't think that there's necessarily clear cut words like just because of a person's, let's say drinking or drug use. That's the sole reason for the divorce. A lot of times people are experiencing other problems in conjunction with that leading up to it. And so it becomes a compounding factor, of course, like if they don't get treatment for it or if they are getting into debt or there's some kind of crime being committed alongside it or irresponsible behavior. A lot of compounding factors leading up to people choosing needing to get a divorce and to move away from that situation because of the volatility of it. And yeah, and I'm curious to see if the police what they're going to do more with the investigation of the Anne Heche accident. I assume that they'll probably continue to investigate it because I imagine an insurance company one or more going to be involved in it. Because that home that was wrecked into, I just saw images of it today for the first time inside of the home. It was completely burned out inside the home. The woman in my understanding that lived there has received quite a lot of assistance and so it sounds like she'll be able to relocate shortly. I think she already has temporarily. And I'm wondering though about the police report and how they're going to handle that now that the driver and heat she's passed away. So we'll see what happens. OK, I wish you all the best. Bye.